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The Kiwanis Club of Victoria invites you to serve the children of our community - become a member today.

Annual Dues: $130 due October 1; prorated monthly for mid-year starts


We meet on the 4th Tuesday at noon in the Kiwanis Village (Constance Gibson Room - 3035 Cook St.)

Brings some money for our admin account fundraising game Chase the Ace - 1 ticket / $1  or 3 tickets / $2

If you or someone you know would like an opportunity to speak to our club please send us an email KiwanisVictoria@gmail.com

2022/24 Club Officers and Directors

The Kiwanis Club of Victoria and Kiwanis Victoria Foundations meet quarterly at noon on the 3rd Tues of October, January, April and July.

Highlights - More than 90 Years of Achievements

2020/21 Year

$1000 Donated to Camosun College Foudation for the Butch Neilson Bursary

$1000 Donated to Camosun College Foudation for the Viv Shoemaker Bursary

$5000 Donation to the Salvation Army Addiction Recovery Center - Herowrok Radical Renovation

Five Kiwanis Foundation of Canada Scholarships for Claremont Key Club Graduates - One @ $500 and Four @ $250

$1000 Donated to each of Mustard Seed, Goldstream and UVIC Student Society Foodbanks

1920 Organized January 18th.
1921 Raised $10,000 for the Hospital Fund.
1925 A wading pool in Beacon Hill Park was built.
1927 A wading pool at Central Park was built.
1928 A major project began. The T.B. Christmas Seal Campaign was established.
In certain cases, financing was provided for supplementing the diet for patients.
1929 The Boy Scout Hall on Johnson Street was completed.
Sponsored the Kiwanis Orchestra that won the Music Festival Shield.
Provided books for loggers in the Cowichan District.
1931 An outdoor checkerboard at Central Park.
1932 Built an addition to the Sunshine Inn on Johnson Street.
1935 Built a tourist shelter at the lookout in Beacon Hill Park.
1936 The School Safety Patrol program was launched.
The program was initially supported by the Club, School Board, Police and Municipal Councils. (Municipal Councils no longer contribute).
1940 Union Jack Cards were distributed to all Schools in Victoria.
1941 With an “Apple Day”, the Club raised $1055.00 for the Lord Mayor’s Fund.
1943-44 $10,000.00 was raised for the Rehabilitation Centre for tubercular patients.
The Centre was constructed in 1944 and taken over by the Province in 1945.
1946 Provided $40,000.00 for the Maternity Wing, Jubilee Hospital.
1948 Hosted the Pacific Northwest District Convention (1400 Delegates attended)
1950 Agreement to build and maintain a cabin at Sunshine Camp.
Sponsorship on successive years of the Winnipeg Ballet during the 1950’s.
1951 Sponsorship of the First Nations Folk Opera, “Tzinquaw”. Established the Kiwanis Village Society. This major project provided low-cost housing for seniors. Kiwanis Village is still a vital part of the community.
1953 The Kiwaniannes Club was formed. This Club (wives of Kiwanis) worked diligently for years to raise funds to support Kiwanis projects.
1961 Established the Kiwanis Villa Society. The Villa provided various levels of residential care for seniors. Provincial health care regulations changed and the Kiwanis Villa project was discontinued.
Provided YMCA Membership to underprivileged boys during the 1950’s and 1960’s.
1974 Started the Kiwanis Wheels Project. In conjunction with the Police, Province and Schools, this program provides an incentive for teens to remain in school and maintain acceptable grades.
1977 Extended the Kiwanis Village project to Sidney, BC. (Windward Village).
1982-83 Established the international communications station (VE7LPC) at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific.
1987 Opened the Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter at 2117 Vancouver Street. The shelter assists ‘street kids’ to find their way back to the mainstream of society.
1988 Claremont Key Club was Chartered Jan 11. Sponsored by Mickey Stevens of the Kiwanis Club of Cordova Bay
1991 Established the Vic-West Housing Society, K-WEST, at 222-224 Esquimalt Road for Seniors and Single Parents with young children.
1994 Property purchased and planning started for a Social Housing project, KIWANIS HOUSE, to provide counselling in parenting, employability and life skills for independent living for single parents with infant children.
1999 Construction of KIWANIS HOUSE is underway.
Hosted the Pacific Northwest District Convention, (1200 delegates attended).
2000 Kiwanis Club of Victoria 80th Anniversary Celebrations.
Planning for the construction of the new Kiwanis Village Apartments started.
2001 Kiwanis Village Apartments completed.
Phases one and two of KIWANIS HOUSE completed.
2002 Kiwanis House project completed (2652 Cook Street).
2008 Hetherington House (Supportive Living) opened.
2010 Kiwanis Club of Victoria 90th Anniversary.
2015 Kiwanis International 100th Anniversary and Kiwanis Club of Victoria 95th Anniversary.
2016 80th Anniversary of the Kiwanis Elementary School Crossing Guard Program (1936)

Planning underway for expansion of the Kiwanis Village Apartments (Cook St)

Home Depot - Orange Door Grant received to replace flooring in 8 Suites of Kiwanis Family Centre

2018 30th Anniversary of the Claremont Secondary Key Club (Jan 11)

100th Anniversary of the Kiwanis Club of Victoria (Jan 18)

$600,000 Herowork radical Renovation of Kiwanis House, home of the Y's Young Mom's Program.

$50,000 funded over five-years commitment made by the Kiwanis Victoria Foundation made to the Camosun Foundation for the Alex and Jo Campbell Wellness Center for the Early Learning Garden

Two UVIC Circle K Scholarships awarded by the Kiwanis Victoria Foundation - $1000 and $750

One Claremont Key Club Scholarship awarded: The Kiwanis Foundation of Canada - Mel Osborne Scholarship of $500