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Eligibility Information

Completed and signed applications can be:

*Mailed to 1419 Mallek Crescent, Victoria, BC V8T 2R3 or
*Faxed to 250-595-6106 or
*Scanned and emailed to

All applicants must be at least 55 years of age prior to being interviewed and housed.

For single applicants, your total income from everything, including all your assets, must be no more than $3,500 per month. If you're a married couple, your combined income from all sources, including assets, must not go over $4,500 per month. To apply, you need to share three months of recent bank statements for all your accounts and your latest Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada. If you're approved for housing, you'll also need to allow Kiwanis Village Society to check your income with Revenue Canada to confirm your financial details.

All applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and priority will be given to applicants who have resided in British Columbia for the last two years. Our rental agreements are month to month, and you'll pay your rent through automatic withdrawal from your bank account on the first (1st) day of each month.


*ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT IN K.V.A $825 - $960 per month
*BACHELOR COTTAGES $530 - $575 per month
*ONE-BEDROOM COTTAGES, VICTORIA $700 - $950 per month
*ONE-BEDROOM COTTAGES, SIDNEY $750 - $950 per month

NOTE: K.A.C = Kiwanis Apartments on Cook and K.V.A = Kiwanis Village Apartments

For KAC, rent includes a $60 common area maintenance fee. When available, storage is $25 per month. In Kiwanis Village, parking is limited. When available, parking is $25 per month

Kiwanis Village is an Independent Living facility. ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE MOBILE AND CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES. No nursing services are provided.

Kiwanis Village is a non smoking facility and with the exception of one or two birds in cages or fish is pet free.

We pick applicants for interviews based on the info you share in your application form. If you're chosen, we'll get in touch to set up an interview when there's an available unit.

For more information on applications for the Kiwanis Village Apartments please contact the Kiwanis Village office.

You can call 250-595-0331 or email the office at

Office Hours: Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm, M-F; Closed 12:00pm – 1:00pm for lunch

Office address: 1419 Mallek Cres (by Cook and Finlayson)

*Please note applicants must update their application every 3-4 months, or they will be removed from the waitlist after one year.