Music in the air, Music everywhere

You know what a library is right? and you know what sheet music is right? You know how expensive sheet music can be right? .... Well if you didn't you now do. :)

In 2003 two dynamic women with decades of music experience came together and the Cooper Smith Music Library was born. It's supported by a large group of people including the all-important School Board. In the beginning, it was just choral music. Since then they've amassed over 9000 of pieces of sheet music, 100s of stringed instruments and more ukelele stuff I thought possible. :)

All of this is stored in amazing order (like a library ;) in the basement of SJ Willis School and is on loan to local schools and community groups. Each of the many, many metal filing cabinets is a marvellous treasure trove of musical options - Choir/JR novice to Jazz Combos and Concert Choir/Bands to solos and trios and.... well, I think you get the idea.

The Cooper Smith Music Library Collection Foundation was founded in 2013 by some very dedicated women: Bonnie Smith and Eileen Cooper. Instagram: @csmusiclibrary.

A year ago during a visit with Greg Kitchen (Associate Superintendent SD61), he asked club President Patrick Ewing and me if the Kiwanis Club of Victoria would assist at a fabulous week-long festival (May 6th - 16th) instead of relaunching the Arts Awards. The volunteer opportunity and community exposure seemed a perfect fit... now fast-forward 12 months it's time to rock and roll (figuratively only, sorry).

There are 5 Concerts and 3 Jazz stages - all we have to do is set up a table, put a couple of volunteers there and take donations from the crowd the MC sends our way - or from those that drift too close to our spider web ... Some of the festival organizers will be helping with donations too. Remember to wear your Kiwanis gear.

I will have complete details printed out for anyone that signs up.

Cheers Carla