School Patrol Awards

In grade 4 and 5 at St.Margaret's School I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Kiwanis School Patrol Program.  That program made such a huge impact on my life that 30 years later I still have the 2 year badge given to me by Kiwanis at the end of my term.

Today was an exciting day as my particpation came full circle.

I had the privilage to attend the year end recongnition assembly at Frank Hobbs Elementary School in Victoria.  At this assembly they were recognizing the students for their participation in school events through out the year.  One such program is the Kiwanis school patrol program in which students from grades 4 and 5 participate. 

These patrollers help keep their classmates safe on the way to and from school.  In the process they learn about commitment and develop valuable leadership skills.  The plaque I was presenting to staff and students at Frank Hobbs recognized their efforts over the year. A grade 5 girl, who had shown amazing dedication to the program over the last 2 years, was chosen to receive it.  Boy was she surprised :)

I look forward to the oppourtunity to present next year as well.  It's great to see first hand how Kiwanis Clubs in Victoria are really making a difference.