Robert (Bob) Darlington

Robert (Bob) Darlington, Author & Naval Historian

Bob collaborated with Fraser McKee on The Canadian Naval Chronicle Bob Darlington was our speaker on June 25, 2013.He was introduced to our members by his long-time friend, Cam McCallum. On a previous occasion Bob had spoken to us about another of his co-authored books, Three Armed Princes. That was a story about three Canadian National Steamships passenger vessels here on the West Coast, which in 1939were taken up by the Canadian Navy and served in many parts of a wartorn world.

Today Bob spoke about some of his post war activities. In the 1970's he spent over three year working with NATO in Italy. There were 96 people there as 'faculty advisors'. He observed that Italian people generally have a good sense of humor and that people from North and from South Italy did not get along well.

Bob spent some time in Germany, Turkey and Norway. However, of the number of years he spent in Europe he enjoyed Italy most. Once a year he had a audience with the Pope. Bob related several anecdotes about amusing incident such as a Royal Marine's boots being 'landed on' by a seagull, and a lady who always made an effort to 'crash the line' (get ahead in the line) at the store or the theatre. Bob believes Italians are fun-people.

Bill Hetherington thanked Bob Darling on behalf of the Club for his very interesting presentation.