Kiwanis Club of Victoria provides gifts for the young moms at Kiwanis House

Just wanted to send you an update on our annual Christmas Hampers for Kiwanis House. 

I took over as the chair of the Kiwanis House program in Oct 2015.  I have monthly meetings with Anne Van Beers, the manager of YMCA/YWCA of Greater Victoria's Young Mom's program. 

We discuss the house itself, of which Dennis Varga is the primary member responsible for its' upkeep.  It's a big job and I am so grateful for his many, many volunteer hours.  We are just now replacing the entire flooring in our second unit.  There is a grant request into Home Depot for funds to complete the rest of the units and to do some other maintenance.

We also discuss ways to help support their program.  It's come up that food items like dairy are very expensive for the young mom's to purchase.  The club's board has allotted $100.00 of gaming funds per month to help reduce the burden on the program - funds were being diverted to help supplement food.

Starting last year Anne worked with the young moms to choose Christmas gifts for the children that were age and "use" appropriate.  The gifts were very well received. 

This year we decided to pass on the traditional food hampers as they were going to be provided by St.Michaels University School.  Instead, we decided to buy a gift for the moms.  Most of them chose an experience to share with their kids - pottery painting, bug zoo, movies etc.... many have never had these experiences themselves so it's a double benefit. 

Armed with a detailed list and my MasterCard it took Mark and I three days to get everything purchased and wrapped. Our budget this year was $900 and I came in under budget at $864.00  YEAH !!  I have attached a couple images below to show you what we wrapped up.

Our club does such great work... thank-you to you all.

Cheers Carla Cacovic - Secretary to the Board